Frequently Asked Questions

About The Alliance of Professional Women:

Who is eligible to join The Alliance?

Anyone! Our focus is on networking for professional women, so it helps if you fall into that category, but other than that we have an incredibly diverse membership. We have women just starting out in their careers, retirees, and women at all stages in between. We have engineers, doctors, accountants and attorneys and we have authors, life coaches, holistic health practitioners and image consultants. We have entrepreneurs and members of some of the largest firms in Denver. We have women who work full-time and part-time. Our focus is bringing together women of all professions.

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What professions are represented? Do you limit how many members in each profession can join?

Many professions are represented and we never limit how many members in each profession can join. Somehow, we never seem to have “too many” members in any one profession. Our membership is incredibly diverse, which is one of the many advantages of membership in the APW. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an attorney, a real estate agent or a caterer, you’ll be able to find someone within our membership to meet that need. Also, access to such a diverse cross-section of professions gives our members the opportunity to learn businesses practices and strategies that might work for their business, too. Take a look at all the professions represented and our membership list.

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How much does it cost to join?

There are several membership levels to meet your needs. Click here for details about each membership level and cost. Individual memberships start as low as $175.00 per year. Throughout the year, we frequently run  discounts of $25 off new memberships if you join at one of our events. Check out our Calendar for upcoming events. Still have questions? Call us! (303) 368-4747.

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How often do you have networking luncheons? Where do you meet?

Our Networking Luncheons are scheduled once a month -- usually the second Thursday -- and we meet all over the Denver metro area. We do this for a few reasons. First, we want to accommodate our members no matter where they are located geographically. Second, we’re known for hitting some of the newest and most highly reviewed restaurants and venues in the city. See our Recent Restaurants page for previous locations. Our Networking Events committee scours the area to find the hottest culinary locales for our events.

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What happens at luncheons?

Everyone has a fantastic time! Luncheon check-in usually starts around 11:30 am. At the registration desk, you’ll receive a friendly greeting and your lunch entrée choice card. We offer fabulous door prizes: theater tickets, spa services, flowers and more! Bring lots of business cards and be sure to put one of them into the basket for the door prize drawings. Who knows? You might win!

From 11:30 am to noon it’s all about mingling and getting to know some of the most fastastic people you’ll ever meet. Here’s the great thing about our luncheons: women tell us that the friendly and relaxed atmosphere puts them at ease immediately. This is one of the many things that sets us apart from other networking organizations.

At noon everyone is seated and the luncheon program begins. If the luncheon is sponsored, the sponsor speaks for about 10 minutes. There are usually some announcements and, of course, the door prize drawings. Then a fun “luncheon question” stimulates even more conversation at the tables. The luncheons end promptly at 1:00 pm, but we typically see members and guests still chatting as late as 1:30 pm. And that’s great, because we’re about building relationships.

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How much do the luncheons and events cost?

The price for luncheons and events varies. Typically our Networking Luncheons are $30 for members and $40 for non-members. The cost includes everything except occasionally (especially downtown) the attendee is responsible for paying for parking. Luncheons include beverage, salads, dessert and usually a choice of three different entrees. We do accommodate special dietary needs (like gluten or dairy free). Occasionally special luncheons will be at a higher price point - when you click on the “Details and RSVP” link for each event, you can read more about the pricing. Business After Hours events are typically $35 per person. The fundraising event ticket prices vary as well.

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How old is the organization?

The Alliance of Professional Women has been bringing professional women in Denver together since 1984.

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How many members are in The Alliance?

We currently have approximately 100 members. Our total e-distribution for our bi-monthly newsletter, The Communiqué, is about 1,200 professional women in Denver. Newsletters also seen by our website visitors for at least three years after they are published online.

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Is The Alliance a part of a larger chain or is it primarily local?

No, the Alliance of Professional Women is not a part of a national organization, although we are affiliated with The International Alliance of Women through our Alliance Foundation. Both organizations have as their mission to help impoverished women in developing nations to build businesses and provide them with continuing income and a better economy in their village through small business loans. It’s called Microcredit and it’s gotten a lot of press lately. More than a donation, it’s a wonderful way to provide women who wouldn’t otherwise have access to capital at reasonable interest rates a way to start their own business. As their businesses thrive and they pay back the loans (which 97% do), they provide an even bigger fund to provide loans to more women.

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Can I attend a networking luncheon before joining?

Absolutely, in fact, we recommend it. Our Networking Luncheons are hands-down the best way to get a feel for the Alliance of Professional Women. Usually people know within one or two luncheons whether or not the APW is a fit for them. And, we are proud to say, most of our non-member luncheon attendees decide to join.

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What are the benefits of joining The Alliance?

There are so many and it really depends on the individual and what you’re looking for in an women’s organization. All of our members are involved for the opportunity to meet, build relationships with and refer and be referred to an incredible group of professional women. Some members are really involved philanthropically through our Outreach Committee and our Alliance Foundation. Some members enjoy the leadership development they get from serving on the APW Board.

Some members express their “inner writer” by contributing to our bi-monthly newsletter, The Communiqué. Members and their companies are listed on our website, which receives over 1000 unique, qualified visitors per day and is the number one search result for keywords such as “professional women’s networking Denver” (as of January 2013). This benefits your own company website in many ways.

Other members get really involved politically and stay aware of what’s on the legislative agenda affecting women in Colorado and nationally through our Public Affairs Committee. We’d say everybody loves the APW’s “fun factor” - our fabulous fundraising events, such as our glamourous upcoming Oscars Party; and past events such as Wine Cheese and Chocolate Tasting, Chili Cook-off, Spa Night, our giveaways and business card drawings.

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How do I join The Alliance?

That’s easy. You can either join and pay on-line or you can come to one of our events and join there. Still have questions? Call us: (303) 368-4747.

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